Hello and congratulations,

Let me introduce myself, I’m Karl and I’m currently based in South Wales.I’ve been a professional photographer since 1998 and I’ve photographed everything from pets to porcelain, business and model portfolios, wedding parties, portraits and charity balls.I’ve seen many changes during all that time and as far as weddings are concerned it splits into two camps: Albums and the dreaded USB stick.

I understand why couples want images on USB sticks, they think they getting a bargain, but in reality they’re buying a headache. I’ll give you an example. I’ve known lots of couples who’ll go into a camera/print shop 6 months sometimes 3 or 4 years after the wedding with their USB stick and their bags of shopping. They put the USB  stick in the kiosk and are confronted with 3000+ images, half of which have been put through a colour preset, half of which have been put through a black and white preset (A photographer who offers you more and more pictures isn’t going to edit 3000+ pictures it would take months, they’re just being lazy). The couple then spend the nest 4-6 hours arguing over the pictures and still end up missing the shot of Great Aunt Dot only to come back the next week to collect 200 6×4 glossy prints put through the Boots lab, and all the colours are wrong because quick labs never run pro colour calibration software and then they slap them in a £12.99 album. And for all that hassle and a crap product at the end of it, people still pay the best part of £2k.

Now, if you want your pictures on a USB stick I can do that, but I’m a professional photographer. I don’t take pictures I make them. So, if you decide you still want to go down the USB route with me you’ll get 80-150 black and white/colour images images, all fully edited, all colour corrected and contact details for pro labs that I recommend and who will make my work and your wedding shine.

Albums on the other hand are things of beauty, works of art that you’ll be proud to show to family and friends for years to come. After editing, which is normally a 2-3 day process, I will normally spend another 1-2 days laying out an album design that tells the story of the day and expresses the emotional content for all to see. The final design is printed on 350gsm fine art paper, French stitched and hand bound and boxed. It is an investment couples never regret.

Whichever route you chooses, you will always get experience, reliability and a professional shoot, with at least two days of professional editing on top of you special day.Congratulations again and thank you for considering me. If you wish to contact me, just click here and it will send you to my contact page. Many Regards and best wishes, Karl x